Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Tsunami to Tillman

Here I am earlier this week whining about the weather and then yesterday comes along and there are hundreds of thousands of Chileans who might well ask me, '¿Usted es infeliz sobre una polvoreda de la nieve? ¿Una polvoreda de la nieve? ¡Debemos tener sus apuros!' And if I understood Spanish, I'd have to agree they're absolutely right (though I wish they'd do something about those upside question marks).

Nothing puts your life into more immediate perspective than the misfortunes of others. And with Haiti and its troubles earlier this month, the massive earthquake in Chile and the threat of tsunami in a half dozen Pacific nations thousands of miles away in the aftermath, you do get quiet when you realize you awakened to a cosmetic coating of snow, more like confectioner's sugar, on Saturday morning and were very unhappy about it. At least until I signed on to see world headlines.

The television news does a great job of telling me the what but cannot offer me a coherent why.Why them, and not us? Why such massive carnage and so much heartbreak? Meanwhile in Vancouver where their bad weather would be considered good almost everywhere else on earth, the sports folks finally found someone NOT named Sean White getting props for mad skills at rad sports-sadly his conveyance doesn't have windows so he could stick his head out while hanging paw.
-bill kenny