Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've never done this. After over two and half years of daily nattering on-line and offering unsolicited opinions on anything and everything that crosses my path, today is as good a day as any to explain, or try to, the collection of others' thoughts and expressions on the right-hand side of this screen.

It's not by accident that they are there and while a lot of what is there is really there for me (as for the most part this stuff in the middle as well) because I'm lazy and not bright and the World Wide Web can be a hard place to find special people at special times, I like to share and actually I insist on sharing. So smile, or grimace (from a distance they look like about the same, trust me).

Our son, Patrick, is my (first) DWG, Deal With God, and I've had the better part of that arrangement really from the moment of his arrival. He's still getting used to his recently-required eyeglasses- a result, I suspect, of trying too hard to see other people's points of view. He is very definitely from my side of the family and works hard to overcome the multiple emotional inheritances such genetics creates.

Michelle, our daughter, has a somewhat skewed view of the world and the incidents and accidents that are in it and of it. I've often theorized she gets that from her mother-but confess because of limitations of time (only) I've yet to broach that theory to the Love of my Life. Mum's the word, okay?

My brother Adam is an enormously talented attorney and keen observer of the human condition though I suspect the characterization of which he's most proud is husband of Margaret and parent of Suze and Rob. For those who think I'm a Springsteen fan, HA! I look like a Tom Petty fan in comparison.

Nat C is my friend from another life, before my wife and children and before where I am now. He liked me despite me. We were young and strong and we were Making Thunderbirds (and sometimes even drinking it, if my memory serves me well). Nat is a world class photographer and as engaged and energetic a human being as you'll ever meet. When you know him you're improving the planet.

I've known Jeff longer than my spouse and children. We were both jeeps in a rather large motor pool of Mercedes Benz egos and Audi attitudes, if you follow my drift. He is a quality person with something to say, always worth reading.

Kate S is so smart she makes my hair hurt and is able to place so much of what I do, in a variety of ways everyday, in a context that allows me to make sense of it in a world that increasingly makes less and less of it.

Der Alte Ami's daughter, Heather, I've not seen since she was a wee slip of a lass running around in an apartment in Berlin (West) damals, in den Wall zeiten in ein geteiltes Deutschland. She has a rarely seen (by us in the Land of Obermann and Beck) perspective that offers nuances and shades of grey that the bombastic bozos on this side of the Atlantic tend to miss.

I know next to nothing about Gingerland, except I know what I like. I have trouble drawing a conclusion and his site is filled with whimsical, intricate and spectacular drawings of all kinds. It's a vacation for your eyes and a spa for your spirit.

My current hometown's municipal website can kick your honor student's dog's ass, bumper sticker or no bumper sticker. Or something like that. Seriously, your city's website should be as informative and useful. Seriously.

I got to know John A while working together last year to help someone we truly believed to be the best choice attempt to become the Mayor. Our candidate fell short, but our alliance remained and John is an amazing person with whom to share the orb. His blog may be as close as you'll ever come to doing that, so enjoy.

Six Word Stories is everything I'm not-witty, pithy, to the point and relentlessly marvelous beyond words and should be visited often.

Think. Again. is why The Atlantic is the most intelligent and thought-provoking magazine in all of the English-speaking world and if you don't think so, you're just wrong. Pick a piece, 'Is Google Making Us Stupid?' or 'Was God an Accident?' and NOT be kick-started into thinking. Go ahead, I'll wait right here.

And Floyd V's Veteran Service Network is a continuation of the efforts of one of two people who nearly thirty years ago was absolutely convinced they would change the world. You're reading the words of the other one. Floyd's ever-expanding projects are proof that sometimes a fine notion is fuel enough to make the impossible real.

It's said you're known by the company you keep. I'm awfully pleased with mine-I hope you are as well.
-bill kenny

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