Saturday, October 1, 2011

Too Late to Save Matt Millen

I have to hurry because it's possible by the end of the weekend the Detroit Lions who are off to the best start in the history of any Lions' franchise since the Original Lions in the Colosseum will not be undefeated, and that is too bad (for them) because it looks like they can finally field a team to bring the buzz back to Motown.

And about time, say pro football experts-the franchise had been so bad for so long, a lot of that while Matt Millen was in charge. You know him, again, as a guy on TV on Sundays-reminds you of what's his name from work who watches the games in the sports bar on the big screen and talks to the damn TV from the kickoff to the final whistle. Knows a lot about nothing-like Matt, as the Lions' ownership group learned. Matt was the kind of smart that if it were raining soup, he'd run outside with a fork (thank you Dave M, 'Lips', for that descriptive; it is, as always, spec.tac.u.lar.).

It didn't seem like anything could save the Lions, but wait-seems the game was afoot even as the game was afoot. Talk about putting the tight end back in tight end and adding a whole new meaning to splitting the uprights. It's hard to believe in the city where cars were king for so long, buses almost became the preferred mode, even for transportation.
-bill kenny

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