Monday, October 6, 2014

When a Smell Is Actually a Scream

Yesterday was okay-I'll-cut-the-grass-and-hope-it's-the-last-damm-time-this season-that-I-have-to in my neighborhood. All of us were out doing it mainly because we had run out of weekend to put it off and were already out of rainy, junky weather that prevented us from doing it earlier in the week when we came home from work.

I'll take mowing the lawn to shoveling snow even if I use a snow thrower to handle it. I already know that when I can stop worrying about cutting the grass what season is upon me next. Ugh.

We have a lunar eclipse later this week so I'm assuming, pessimist that I am, that it will be day when we have cloudy skies and rain all day. No real reason why we should except I know we will. In case we do, I found this article and very nice photo from same web site on the other side of the International Date Line which is why they keep talking about tomorrow as if it had already happened.

Never managed to catch an eclipse, either lunar or solar, with Pink Floyd blaring in the background though I'm thinking this one might be worth trying. I always get confused as to which side is dark as that's the one I don't want to cut the grass on as it's too hard to see.
-bill kenny

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