Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Day Late

As I’ve aged (less than gracefully as has been repeatedly pointed out by many) it takes more and more to get me to do less and less. It hasn’t yet happened but I can easily see in my more immediate future a day where it starts to rain as I drive to work and that precipitation serves as my incentive to turn around and go home (and to trigger a rather unseemly celebration at my place of employment).  

I wanted you to know that before I pass along how we missed what sounds ‘trivial,’ ‘insignificant,’ and, maybe, a little goofy but most assuredly is not. Yesterday was Earth Overshoot Day. As you’ll read right here, not exactly a slap-happy occasion complete with unbridled huzzahs, streamers, marching bands, parades, balloons, and cake (I am a sucker for cake). 

We are, it seems, sort of deep into the dark matter here on the Big Blue Marble. We’ve been living like Wimpy for decades with Tuesday creeping ever closer even as we discard the hamburger wrapper. And, unless I missed it on World News Daily, that Plan B, where we all bail to another habitable planet with breathable atmosphere, plentiful natural resources and 4G LTE Wi-Fi has come a cropper mainly because we haven’t identified the alternate planet.

Without making too fine a point of it, as I read through the materials posted on based on Global Footprint Network (I can see a seven figure sponsorship deal with a sport shoe manufacturer, can’t you; although it’s probably thinking like that which has brought us to this place, metaphysically speaking) we’re in a race against time we cannot afford to lose. And if what we’re doing has gotten us into this disaster, we are at a point where we need to change direction and set a new course before we become past tense. 

And keep an eye on those profligate bastards, down under, where women glow and men thunder, who behave as if they were us. I knew granting the Bee Gees visas was a prelude to a slippery slope. And now look
-bill kenny       

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