Thursday, December 13, 2007

I could never get the hang of ideology

When did saying 'no problem' replace 'you're welcome'? I missed the memo on that. Aware I am in danger of being labelled a curmudgeon, I must point out it happens more and more often, usually when I encounter someone of my children's generation. Everything from passing the ketchup at the diner counter to holding a door open for someone approaching it. "Thank you" followed by "no problem". Gotta tell ya, home pie, I don't care if it's a problem. Here in Civilization, we have this thing called manners, so hold the door and return my expression of appreciation with a "you're welcome". Or you'll have heartaches by the dozen and problems by the score.

Later today, The Mitchell Report on use (and abuse) of drugs, chemicals, whatever, in Major League Baseball will be released and we'll learn how many of our heroes and role models in America's Favorite (Past it) Past Time have been chemically enhanced. I'm not sure what I should feel, no matter what the report says. We are so hedonist as a culture and society now, encountering anyone NOT operating a drug store in her/his own home is more the exception that at any time in our history.

I'm making a movie in my head where the Founding Fathers are snorting cocaine as well as snuff upstairs in Independence Hall in Philly while TJ is banging out the Declaration of Independence. You scoff? Submitted for your consideration, '...endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'
Reads to me like the US of A is founded on the idea of fun.
What other nation can say that? Certainly not Great Britain; what with that 'stiff upper lip' and all. France? Sacre Bleu (or if it's near dinner time, cordon bleu), I think not, Lafayette. Germany? Unless your idea of fun includes spilling out over your borders twice in the same century and overrunning your neighbors, nope. The nations of the Pacific Rim and beyond? Not likely-life is still hard in too many places for fun to be a founding principle.

But not here-not in the Land of the Round Door-Knobs as we called it when I lived elsewhere. We have fun, fun, fun even after Ford stopped making the T-Bird your daddy is taking away. It's okay-we've out-sourced it and improved the cash flow position of the company. Didn't do a whole lot for the guys and gals punching out Chryslers in the factory (thanks, WZ) but while fun is a founding principle, it isn't all-encompassing.

So what changes in Major League Baseball after the release this afternoon on The Mitchell Report. You mean, aside from how much more circumspection athletes will have when they buy drugs? No Problem.
I could never whack a ball with such velocity.

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