Friday, February 13, 2009

Can You Tell a Green Field from a Cold Steel Rail?

I had someone the other day, I'm sure with the best of intentions, tell me they liked to stop by and read this stuff, but I needed to understand 'people who tend to read blogs don't really like to read.'

That's okay. I think people who like to write blogs don't like to write, and especially don't like to write for people who don't like to read. Somehow that makes us even though I am rather odd.

He suggested radically shortening everything, condensing it and reducing it; sort of like haiku for IMs or Twitter. He is of the opinion we, as the crown of creation in this food chain, are much akin to goldfish, with memories and attention spans that last all of thirty seconds. And when I read how we whine about our environment, our economics, our national and international relations (or you pick a subject), it's certainly popular to feel that way. Except that doesn't make it right. So stop being a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl year after year. Never mind Wish You Were Here. We are here now. Be. Do. Soon enough we'll be gone.

Here goes: it's Friday the 13th and exactly ONE month from now we'll have another one.
"What have you found? The same old fears."

You said keep short and punchy. I did. Now go play in traffic.
-bill kenny

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