Thursday, February 26, 2009

Initial Success

Interesting story yesterday on Channel 3's website about some one in the employ of the CT Department of Correction rescuing his family from carbon monoxide poisoning, but NOT for the reason you might think it's interesting. This is the season, unfortunately, when a lot of times, just that type of accident can happen and it's good luck for everyone that this time tragedy was avoided.

I found it interesting because the employee in the story is referred to as a DOC Officer, as in "What's Up?" as opposed to 'Wazzup?', one of which makes me smile while the other makes me cringe. And on the State of Connecticut's website, if you'll notice, it's a little o not a Big O (Oscar Robertson says 'hello'). I'm not sure how this inclusion of O as its own initial works and it doesn't seem consistent.
Take for example a news story on anyone's Department of Children and Families, but since I'm here in Connecticut, I'll use ours. Invariably that agency is always called DCF and never referred to as DOCAF or DoCaF (let's face it, neither 'of' nor 'and' are especially important words), so what's the dealio with DOC?

My country, tis of thee, is the USA, and NOT the USOA (or USoA). We don't hand the 'of' in that one a pride of place, do we? One reason why I never resented being a liberal arts major at Rutgers is because I came away with a BA instead of BS, though technically it might well be that I have a B0A, feathered and otherwise.
-bill kenny

PS: not sure you can have a PS on a blog, but assuming you can and you still haven't had enough of the SFB (Sender Freies Berlin? Ich denke nicht dran! I'm talking about the Sachem Fund Board), that has everyone in Norwich, CT just buzzing, you'll want to catch a very-quietly-posted public meeting (ala last Thursday's informational workshop on Ethics? Sure smells like it. What should we make of a government that plays keep away with its own citizens on information? ) slated for this afternoon at 5:30 in Room 335 where a little more than a month ago (and it's recused; not sure what reclused might refer to) three yes votes on a seven person board became a majority recommending a release of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars to support a volunteer effort, that somehow was created as a Limited Liability Corporation for the 350th Anniversary of the Founding of Norwich, that in its almost two years of existence still hadn't been able to develop a budget for the celebratory events for which it decided to ask for $120,000. The agenda suggests this may be a rather interesting meeting, if they have a quorum, and whether or not they do may depend on who's counting. And as we all know by now in Norwich, not everyone counts.

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