Thursday, June 18, 2009

LT Rip and SGT Biff!!!

Wednesday in this area was dry-doesn't sound like much, I know, but a bit more than halfway through June we've had about three and half inches of rain in this part of Connecticut, which is most definitely more than normal, and we've got two weeks to go.

So when the sun came out yesterday, a lot of us were a bit loopy with joy (I guess). One of the local newspapers, and I'm hoping this link will still work when you click on it because they don't keep them active for much more than 36 to 48 hours (and then you have to buy the article or feature which is a good deal, I suppose, if the reporter or the photographer gets the money but I'm not sure they see any, much less all, of it. I know, 'publishers gotta eat, too.') grabbed a picture of a Norwich policeman at Chelsea Parade (practically across the street from my house, though that wasn't in the caption) putting his police dog, Kaiser, a German Shepherd, through his paces.

I, and lots of others it seems, knew it was Chelsea Parade because in the background you could see the Teel House, where the NFA Superintendent used to live (as part of the contract to be in charge of NFA), though the police car parked on the grass of Chelsea Parade kind of blocked a clear view of it.

Proving it takes a lot to laugh and it takes a train to cry, reader comments noted Norwich has a leash law and Chelsea Parade is posted for "no dogs"; others, perhaps as part of their own way of observing Law Enforcement Appreciation Week, had observations on the location and manner in which the police car was parked.

I smiled looking at the photo, as I think the point the photographer was trying to make was 'Hurrah! The flood waters have receded!' but instead launched a short downpour of discord about the laws and their sometimes uneven application. I don't know about you Officer John, but Rusty was telling me to keep off the grass and to be careful because there's trouble back at the fort. Turns out, NOT just there, either.
-bill kenny

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