Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All Impressed and Half-Undressed

I guess it's like fire and ice, the shifting of the tectonic plates where masses meet but never mingle. I've gotta admit, the headline caught my eye and led me to the story, which is of itself very intriguing. The headline did its job and hooked my eyes.

I confess to never having heard the word nerdcore before, but now I'm starting to think that not all of the Lost Boys are sleeping on mom's couch in the basement and playing dungeons and dragons. At least NOT the ones who own calendars, I suppose. And notice, please, I got this far into the second paragraph without the obligatory 'for many, this is probably as close as they'll ever get to a woman' snarky remark.

In the fifteen minutes of fame egg timer, alphabetically, between Courtney Cox and Courtney Love, we can now add Courtney Cruz, and let's be honest if she's what George Lucas had in mind for a Vader Storm trooper, we may finally have a real idea as to why Yoda always wore a long robe and seemed to have one hand in his pocket. It may not have been The Force that was with him. Who knew?

My first reaction looking at the lady's body of work (so to speak) in tattoos was 'nice use of color' which was helpful as it allowed me to pretend I still had critical perspective. We're a culture of dreamers and sometimes (I fear too often) we're more comfortable there than in the real world. We idealize handsome men and beautiful women expecting more from them while also forgiving the frailty of their flawed humanity even less than other mere mortals, though this time around, we may have really put the object in objectify by rendering Ms. Cruz into something beyond fantasy. A flesh and blood daydream-the contradiction of her existence is actually part of the action of the attraction.

"Stop Sniffling!
You're gonna make some plastic surgeon a rich man.
Oh, but the prestige and the glory, another human interest story.
You are that."
-bill kenny

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