Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making Awesome Happen

If you must steal, and since the last time I had an original idea it died of loneliness I have to steal, make sure you steal quality. So I do and I did. Came across today's title as a status description by SF on facebook Sunday (though NOT SF Sorrow) and a light came on (so thank you for letting me appropriate it even though you may not know I did. I will know). Admittedly, the light was NOT the million candlepower one of the search and rescue chopper-more like the bulb in the fridge at one in the morning when you seek sandwich fixings only to find some dessicated lettuce leaves you thought you'd already pitched in the bin.

Meanwhile-why not? Why not decide your new job, in addition to being a brother or sister, son or daughter, father or mother, employer or employee, laggard or laggee (okay, you can take this too far) sekt oder selters-whatever-- is, in whatever way you have within your means, indeed to make awesome happen. Would this be a cool planet or not? Let's face it, you can't muck it up anymore than it already is. Seriously.

Our toxic culture of victimhood is so prevalent and the mindset 'there's nothing I can do' is now such an auto default, just getting out of bed for some of us is a triumph of the will (though NOT that one). So live out loud. And if you don't change the world today, there's tomorrow and tomorrow whether the sun comes out or not (and get these mutts away from me, Annie).

Don't be daunted that you're alone-that's how we enter this world and how we'll leave. It's what we do, or choose to NOT do, with the space between that marks our passage on this planet and if you're living for the approval in the eyes of others, you've already got one foot in the grave. 'I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.' (that's the mantra of Rush Limbaugh, in his dreams).

We might want to stagger the schedule for the whole making awesome happen so everyone can actually savor the sensation and appreciate the majestic magnificence of what it is we are doing and what is becoming of the world we inherited. That's part of our problem sometimes as a species, I fear, the moderation switch has been broken clean off and our appetites for destruction are so seldom sated.

And in a world of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Push-to-Talk, IM, texting and I don't know how much else, where I discovered with a shock that I 'know' more people on line than I do in real life (by a factor of ten to twelve times over), it's easy to lose sight that "God is on the cellphone. God is on the net. God is in the warning. God is in the threat." And if that's not enough to get you excited about being here, call in the next twenty minutes and we'll double your order, ship it to you for free and make the first credit card payment for you.
-bill kenny


Anonymous said...

Do you ever sleep? Apparently not from some of your ramblings LOL

dweeb said...

Appreciate the visit and the reminder that not all who wander are lost (no matter how many people tell us to get so...). Suspect the observation is a lot closer to the mark than either of us might prefer, me especially.