Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paging Carole King

I don't see myself as a man of science or religion--and more than a few people I know are less than enthused at seeing me as a man at all, so I tread lightly when worlds collide and try to roll with the changes. You've read about the disruption of air travel as a result of the volcanic eruption in Iceland (at first I was afraid it had been triggered by the possible tipping over of Guam, but we're home and dry on that one), which is becoming more of a problem for those NOT in Iceland than anyone in the Keflavik area code.

I grew up with Mr. Wizard and hold Bill Nye the Science Guy in high regard (I'd put him in charge of NASA if I were the President. I'd pause so you could imagine the sequence of events necessary for that to happen, but we don't have that kind of time in this continuum), so I'm open to unending possibilities even if they seem to be implausible to others. An eye blink ago, we thought the world was flat, tomatoes were poisonous, potato had an 'e' in it, and the
NY Knicks would sign Lebron James.

We've spent a lot of time in parts of this country for the past decade on evolution versus intelligent design and while I won't tell you my feelings on the issue, I do get more than a little sick of people who insist on telling me theirs, especially when they use a dogmatic tone of voice they think automatically turns opinions into facts. Good luck with that, NOT.

The latest news item that causes my brain to make my eyes go back and read the story again came to me from Bob who reads everything more carefully than I do (because he can) and in this case, it's good that he did because I'd have missed this otherwise and could have been too close to a Victoria's Secret when two tectonic plates shifted. I am assuming this is a real story and not a spoof or a badly timed April Fool's joke,
Women who wear revealing clothing cause earthquakes.

"The West Coast has the sunshine, and the girls all get so tanned. I dig a french bikini on Hawaii island, dolls
by a palm tree in the sand." Take a look at what's gone on out there since 1965 when California Girls topped the charts. Go ahead! Will someone please get Homeland Security on the horn and tell them to pick up one Mr. Brian Wilson. We have enough trouble right now, we don't need his help.
-bill kenny

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