Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Weather Changed and for the Worse

Since Saturday afternoon I have a new and different phone. The hope when I was making the switch was that I would also have a better one. I'm not so sure yet on that point. I had a smart phone previously but a different kind, named for a fruit (how that works in non-English speaking countries weiss Ich nicht and so what).

It's one of those phones that has a red eye when you turn it on and says its name a lot more times than anyone on earth really needs to except for this guy, but that's only because his name is all he can say. He can probably do more with this phone then I can since I'm terrified of it.

It has one of those screens that is vertical when you hold the phone like, well, like a phone and when you hold it horizontally, the screen flips. Every time it does it while I'm holding it, I almost drop the phone, so I guess we scare each about the same amount.

So far, and luckily, no one has actually called me since as I type this, I've just realized I'm not sure I know how to use the cell phone part of my cell phone. It has more apps than a Swiss Army Knife has uses-why doesn't someone make a Swiss Army Phone? (those ba$tard$!) How cool would that be?- to include stuff like DLNA and CarDock that, I think, I'm supposed to need authorization from the National Security Agency to have.

And I can shoot High Def video. I double-spaced there so you could really appreciate how nifty and up-to-date I am. The question really isn't what do I need to shoot in high def, but what does anyone 'need' in high def? Yes, I realize I can now more deeply and truly enjoy the rainbow, but it's like asking Stevie Wonder what his favorite skittle sounds like.

Still, it is better to have and not need then to need and not have (one of the furry freak brothers corollaries I think) so if you need a smarter than your smart phone gimme a call and you can borrow mine. On second thought, send me a text-I think I know how to get to those. I would grab my shoes and away I'd walk. A life long walk to the same exact spot. The Parting of the Sensory.
-bill kenny

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