Friday, July 1, 2011

Apogee and Exigent Circumstances

We are, according to the calendar, as far from the 1st of January as we are from the 31st of December at least in theory (actually almost but not quite; but would you have stopped here today if I'd started with that mealy mouthed palaver? Didn't think so.). If it feels like I'm wandering, is it because I've lost my enthusiasm or is it my direction and why am I disquieted that it no longer makes a difference if I push on or turn back? Maybe it's an energy shortage of another kind.

It's strange, to me, at least, because I had a greater sense of resolve and idea of what I wanted to get down as 2010 was bleeding into 2011 and here I am, playing hooky from work, not really, I took a day off (but the ladies love outlaws so there you have it), and half way through this year, I've yet to actually get anything done. And when I look around, it doesn't look like I'm alone in that. I guess I should feel comforted.

In our Nation's Capital it seems most people now have wristwatches that track the national debt (just me or did that scare the bejabbers out of you , too?)--we don't attempt to address the causes of it or find solutions, mind you; just track it. I couldn't tell you the last time I went to our capital city-an awfully long time ago, that's for sure. Truth to tell, some time ago we drove to someplace in Virginia and made sure to NOT go through DC, so I guess that 'my county tis of thee' stuff only runs so long, so good

As a kid, I believe we went to Washington D. C. every year, or every other year, and it was a big deal to sit in the visitors' galleries of the Houses of Congress (we felt very grown up and paid attention but still understood nothing). New Jersey, where we grew up, had congressional representatives like our congressman, Peter H. B. Freylinghuysen, Jr., who passed away the week before this year's Memorial Day, and Millicent Fenwick, who smoked a pipe (how could I make this up?) and was more force of nature than merely a congresswoman. This was back when 'Washington' wasn't the enemy and Mr. Smith went there to do good things for the good folks back home and he had a lot of company.

I wonder if folks like Freylinghuysen and Fenwick would even be allowed to caucus with the members of the party they purportedly belonged to half a century ago. I'm curious as to what the Founders would make of the gift they gave us. Almost two and half centuries ago they risked death by the noose, the going rate for treason, by telling the most powerful man on earth, the King of England, to go pound sand (more elegantly but they had wigs and quills, don't forget). And now we're hoping for good weather after the picnic so we can have the company softball game.

Unless of course the company rightsized and you got downsized. I had a job disappear under me once and couldn't understand the person in charge going on about how 'it's not personal' when it most certainly was. I had a job and now I didn't have a job. I'm a person-next. And we've been told the rough patch we've been through has ended and things are looking up but I'm not sure I understand what that means either or how to know if it's true. The epigee in the cycle of things falling apart seems to be us right here right now, so it looks like all those projects we wanted to accomplish this year will wait another day, at least.

And then, because we're starting down the calendar roller coaster, we can start to add to 'our stuff we'll want to do in 2012' list. And this time next year, it'll be your turn to point out that we didn't get those things done either. But come up with new people and institutions to blame-if you notice I didn't list any- because I'm tired of hearing the usual suspects. Besides, at least one of the folks on your list is probably playing short fielder on my softball team.
-bill kenny

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