Monday, October 29, 2012

Channeling William Burroughs

Hunkering down like everyone else on the East Coast along the path of Hurricane Sandy (the name of the storm undercuts the menace, don't you think?) I have to admit for a guy who still gets flaky when he enters a dark room, atmospheric turbulence and destruction from above is definitely so much all of this you can keep the bag of chips.

I have found my copy of Naked Lunch -I was a fan of William S.Burroughs for a long time and then we just started seeing other people (okay, I did) and drifted apart. Someone mentioned Junkie the other day and that reminded me of yet another box in the basement from when we came from Germany and I dug around without making too much of a mess (that part is for my wife) until I found what I was looking for and it was before breakfast and I was fully clothed. Now I am ready, or as ready as I'll be.

Watching a storm rage, especially from someplace safe and dry is a simultaneously soothing and disconcerting experience. You are in all of it and yet you are not. You could be scared but you may not need to be. Your mileage may vary but the majesty of what you are living through never does.

Here's the best Burroughs I can do for you and if you don't like it blame my performance on the anxiety of the storm: Eat your school, stay in drugs and don't do vegetables. A copy of these remarks is available by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to the address shown on your screen. Or not.
-bill kenny 

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