Sunday, July 5, 2015

You're the Misbred, Grey Executive I've Seen Heavily Advertised

As I've mentioned previously, and unceasingly, my heart beats on the left side of my body and, for the most part, my politics follows suit. But it need not so do in order to appropriately react to the recent announcement that the Fatuous Fool on the Hill, with the complementary tower and golf course, Donald Trump has thrown his toupee in the ring in pursuit of his party's 2016 Presidential nomination.

Sadly it appears his head was still attached (damn you, Gorilla Glue!). I'm not sure there wasn't anyone the Trumpster didn't offend within 48 hours of starting his campaign. But I find it vaguely karmic that his 'straight talk' managed to outrage Hispanic people of all ages and political beliefs like nothing I've seen since Frito-Lay reluctantly changed their spokescharacter for their corn chips.

But The Donald trumped even Frito-Lay (¿viste lo que hice allĂ­?) in provoking the kind of reaction you dream about as a comedy writer but never really manage to ever pull off. didja see what I did there?

I'm surprised he doesn't have a licensing deal in place for this already-I checked amazon and didn't find it, but look at all the other Trump stuff, you cannot get in Macy's (separate piece of outrage, not to be confused with Univision).

The clown car of candidates for 2016 has long since become a stretch limo and probably now needs to be a jitney bus. I already know who should sit closest to the rear exit clutching his own imported water bottle of seltzer. It's already been a dark ride to the White House 2016 and we've got more than a fair piece yet to go. When's the second show of bread and circuses start? Soon, I hope.
-bill kenny

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