Saturday, July 25, 2015

Neither Love nor Money

I’m not sure what is worse as I vacillate and fluctuate between theism and atheism: no Deity or Godhead at or a Supreme Being who is absent from our daily lives interjecting Her/Himself at sporadically excruciatingly inappropriate times. Based on the puckish sense of humor I sense such a Being must have, I think it’s a wash.

Who else, and how else, to explain this: Adultery Site Ashley Madison Hacked, User Data Leaked. I, too, had never heard of such a site or of any site like it in my entire life. Maybe I ran across while looking up prices for snow tires for my car. That’s probably how that happened for you, too, right?

That the hunter gets captured by the game is something only a Celestial Creation who would, if the Old Testament is as truthful as believed, would flood the whole world or, as I understand the account in the New Testament, kill His own S--, never mind Who died.

How’d you like to be one of the site’s “37 million users” of the site of its partners? I’m not clear if that number is for the US, North America or the world at large and I suspect this is one of those times where you don’t ask the question when you can’t stand the answer. 

I do not intend to sit in judgment, as none of this is any of my bidness; but, as much as I might hope, on principle, that privacy of purchasers and purchases, is secured there is one person, CEO Noel Biderman, in all of this I’d wouldn’t be terribly upset to see hoist by his own….petard, yeah that’s the word I was seeking.   

I love his quote explaining if not actually rationalizing a website that blurs the line between philanthropy and philandering by offering, “Cheating is like the secret glue that keeps millions of marriages together. I would cheat before I would leave." The current or future Mrs. Noel Biderman must be thrilled to have such a foundation of honesty in a relationship. And probably an iron-clad prenuptial agreement. 

Of course, when you dig through the story the moral outrage is centered on, what else, filthy lucre and the taller than average tales the AM folks may have told pigeons, sorry prospects, about deleting their personal information. Imagine, a ‘cheaters’ website lying to cheaters(!) I’m shocked
-bill kenny

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