Friday, February 12, 2016

Because the Dining Room Was Closed Apparently.....

This is one of those headlines you speed right past, “Florida Man Charged with Throwing  Alligator into Wendy’s,” and then when your brain processes what your eyes have already read, you pull the E-brake, go back and grab a really big gulp of the actual story with both hands. 

I, for one, loved the parental characterization as a ‘harmless prankster’ because (to me) that would include flipping a Croc shoe through the drive-in window vice a whole and very much alive ‘see you later’ alligator.

By the way, advocates of fast food places should be open 24 hours a day: please note the time of the ‘prank.’ I’m still working on what took from 11 October until now for this non-Dundee adventure to make the papers but I imagine fingerprinting the alligator took a little longer than might have been normal and I did notice the mug shot wasn’t of the reptile, so just sayin.’

If this kind of knuckleheadedness is his idea of ‘funny,’ I don’t even want to know about hilarious.

-bill kenny 

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