Monday, February 29, 2016

You Know the Summer's Coming Soon

If you wanna talk about the  Oscars today, go somewhere else. I haven't been to a movie house in decades and don't know who won or lost last night and don't care.

If this were the YES Network we'd be having what Michael Kay always calls extra innings, "Free Baseball." Today, 29 February, is a limited edition type of situation.

We only have one of these 'extra days' of February every four years. I had a classmate in grammar school, Jimmy M., whose birthday was February 29.

We used to tease him as kids that he shouldn't be in the seventh grade since he was only like three of four. Now, I guess, he must be closer to twenty something or so as I near my 64th birthday. Of course, he may have been hit by a bus, so there's that.

Can't help being cheerful about extra days once every four years that we stick on the 'shortest' month which falls during our coldest season. I suspect Australia feels very differently about the extra day, but still. We might have preferred it in June or July for additional hot fun in the summertime, but we're stuck with it where it is, I guess.

Since this is an extra day, and included on the calendar and in the lifespan of those of us on the planet why not do something with it? Once every four years, we can afford that I hope. It costs you nothing today to perform an act of kindness or civic-mindedness. This day came with the calendar, be it a Kincaide or a Far Side. Right here, 29 February. Put it to good use. Take a look around for someplace or someone to help. God knows it's a target rich environment.
-bill kenny

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