Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stealing a March on Saint Patrick

You're looking forward to Saint Patrick's Day because:

a. You're 1 of the 33 million Americans who trace their heritage to the Auld Sod.

b. You could care less about the heritage; you're here for the beer and more.

c. Both of the above or none of the above if that helps.

And you're reconciled to waiting until a week from this Wednesday, the 17th, to celebrate the day. Unless......

You're near/in downtown Norwich this afternoon at one for the parade (perhaps the earliest celebration of the feast of the patron saint of Eire in the entire Western hemisphere) followed by the Street Festival at two. 

My wife and daughter are making sure I am festively garbed perhaps with a tie they borrowed from Patrick though combined with the hat, I'm thinking it was more found in a dumpster, a green one to be sure, but a refuse container anyway.

Feel free to join us, unless you're green with envy at my sartorial splendor. Actually, that would be absolutely appropriate
-bill kenny

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