Sunday, January 1, 2017

Just Dipping My Toe

Okay, I'll admit the New Year has just started but so far it's been pretty good. I will concede in the interests of full disclosure that this posted automatically at midnight when I was long asleep, and I'm in all likelihood still asleep as you are reading this. I hate to be nosy, but what exactly are you doing up already (or should I say still?) and why are you here in this space with me?  

On my agenda for (later) today is to go the grocery store and speak REALLY loud for people who didn't know how to tell time earlier or when to say 'no more for me, thanks.' I will need to get some 'back to work' supplies for a job I haven't been at since last year (the middle of the morning of the 16th of December to be precise). I snuck back on Friday briefly to learn I have a new operating system on the old computer and am locked out of it until "the IT Guys" come back to work tomorrow which is another of the many reasons I'm not coming back until Wednesday. 

It is very possible and I'm desperately hoping probable that this is the last year I'm working where I am. Not so much because I don't like what I do, or more importantly that the people for whom I work don't like what I do, but I'm old and pretty much used up and just tired of seeing everything, no matter how awful, as another opportunity to excel. 

I define who I am by what I do which is pathetic I know but a family tradition I believe and I've been at the same place in the same job for over a quarter of a century. I just thought about how I did my job when I first started there with some kind of a Brother word processor, and a large supply of plain envelopes as email didn't exist so everything was printed and mailed to a largely indifferent world. Funny how some things never change.

Almost forgot how dinky and dingy my office is despite the two windows (two more than most people have, my competitive evil twin, Skippy, feels compelled to note). The packaging suits the contents, I guess. I am already looking at the computer screen as the electronic reminders to enroll in Medicare start to build up. 

I just shake my head in disbelief, that is more feigned than felt. I'm still a Young Turk! Where did all of this getting old stuff come from and if that bothers me, I certainly won't want to turn the page to see what happens after that, but pages will turn. Is there life after adult diapers? Why would anyone want to know?

Since I'm reminiscing, let me admit if not brag that there are many enjoyable aspects to my job and I work very hard to have fun every day. Noel Coward once suggested, 'work should be more fun than fun' and I couldn't agree more with that sentiment. But......

When you think about how many years you work, and reduce it to months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, it's almost a sin to ever spend ANY amount of time doing something you dislike for a living. 

"All life we work but work is a bore. If life's for living, what's living for?" We have a brand new year to find out, so let's, okay? Meanwhile, so far, so good. So what?
- bill kenny

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