Saturday, December 20, 2008

Days off and off days

I work at a job where I get time off in hours-sounds complicated and maybe it is, but not not to me. For every two weeks, I work (80 hours) I get a day (8 hours) off. Around Thanksgiving, I and my boss realized I was heading towards a 'use or lose' situation so I've been on vacation since Thursday and will remain so until Tuesday, 6 January. Despite all this 'free time', I'll still 'lose' something on the order of 80 hours of vacation time as one year transitions into the next one.

I hate going on vacation--I very much define myself by what I do, so days off are like being in limbo or on hold. I'm not actually 'doing' anything so I'm not being anyone. To compound matters, I've picked up a cold that's actually bronchitis and has made my day a bit more unpleasant than sitting around and doing nothing normally does.

We had snow yesterday afternoon and I had just gotten the snow blower repaired so my timing is better than usual (assuming the repair holds). I suspect I'll have short entries for a while since between the cold medications and the mind-numbing lethargy of sitting on the couch, I'm having trouble focusing much less concentrating.
-bill kenny


Mark B. said...

Totally different for me. I trend to be more productive during time off. It's the life sucking lethargy of my profession that slows me down. Doesn't leave much ambition for anything else. Means to and end though (Ican retire at any time now) so I have no right to complain.

dweeb said...

I may envy you-being able to delineate your time as clearly as you do.

I'm always in a hurry, though I don't often know for what or whom.

I define who I am by what I do, which is a trap, I know, but one I am unable or unwilling to avoid.

Mark B. said...

To some extent I've done the same in the sense that it's what I've done that defines me. I more than that though look to redefine, or at least add to the definition, in the future. I am trying to keep an open mind about everything.

dweeb said...

If keeping an open mind first involves an empty head, than I am so there.
If not, you'll have to go on without me. ;-)