Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bring your Appetite, and not just for food

This is the weekend to be here in The Rose City of Norwich at the confluence of the Shetucket, Thames and Yantic Rivers (imagine the size of that 'Welcome to' sign! It would blot out the sun). And admittedly, there's some meterological discussion still going as to how much sun we'll actually have around here this weekend as opposed to how much drizzle and out and out rain but we can't really complain as we've had great weather for quite some time. (But we will, because we can).

Bring your sneakers, maybe a water-repellent jacket and a folding chair (looking to cover all the contingencies) as you can feast and foment revolution (I'm kidding! But I love alliteration and it just felt good) all at the same convenient location, or extremely close.

It's the Taste of Italy at Howard Brown Park, at the mouth of the harbor (how perfect is that, considering all the food). Don't be fooled by the careful and thoroughly adult wording of the oh-so-grown-up press release on the City of Norwich website. There has to be a certain decorum to these things, don't you know? It's one day and it's spectacular. You have to come here and come hungry-as if you could possibly eat all the things that are being served. HA!

On Saint Patrick's Day everyone is Irish, no matter what your mom calls you. Today I answer to Guglielmo because the same thing happens here with being Italian for Taste of Italy. I've never seen that link before. I'm using it so you have a map, but you can just roll down the car window and follow the aroma, too. I'm saying that because bocce balls have no scent. Did I mention there are fireworks and how much I love fireworks (almost as much as pony rides)? Except that they'd get spooked by the explosions, I'd watch the fireworks riding a pony.

Coming up Washington Street towards Norwich Free Academy, and past Chelsea Parade (and we'll talk about there in a minute so keep your bib on) we'll catch Day Three of the Grecian Festival at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. It's on the right and don't worry, you won't miss it. The church is actually about a four minute walk from my house, and it's even closer when the gyros are just about done. If you see someone moving briskly but no one is chasing him with a stick, it could be me 'measuring' the distance (depends on the cooking time).

Back at Chelsea Parade, starting at one and forecast through four in the afternoon, is the Chelsea Parade Tea Party. Unless you're new to the planet, we both know these don't have a lot to do with little girls in crinoline and plates with lady finger cookies on them. But I'll tell you something else based on the tea party I attended on the 4th of July. Maybe because we're just nicer people (okay, some of us), or we're more mature or maybe the ones I always see on the TV news are just goofier, based on the get together at the Harbor back in April and the one here in July, we speak more and yell less at these things, which gives everybody a chance to listen and that's always a good idea (the ratio of ears to mouth and why comes to mind but you already thought about that).

Speaking of mouth, for today, and today only as the announcer might say, you can try speaking with a mouth full of scrumptious Mediterranean food. Being a concerned citizen does have its rewards, sometimes more tangible and delectable than others. Enjoy yourself, and one another, except where void or prohibited by law.
-bill kenny

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