Saturday, September 19, 2009


(If you read the title backwards you can hear John Lennon say 'cranberry sauce'. Actually, no, you can't.) It's Talk Like A Pirate Day and if you want to feel humble, feel this: there are twenty nine MILLION mentions of TLAPD 2009 found on google in 0.11 seconds.

I learned that, despite what I'd always thought, Dave Barry the humorist did NOT invent TLAPD, but, rather, stumbled upon it and, in the manner of John the Baptist, went everywhere speaking of it, and yet managed to keep his head, though only half of his household goods as Florida is a community property state.

If you come across a piece of seven, or eight, encounter a parrot wearing an earring, or have a relationship with, or are yourself named, Peg, I'm grateful you've played along and hope if you weren't a big winner, you did get a lovely play at home game.

No other nation on earth invents holidays like we do, and Talk Like A Pirate Day may be our crowning achievement. I don't think there are cards out for it, yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn otherwise. There's very likely few organized parades, but if ever a holiday lent itself to floats and marching bands, this would be it, so get those Drillmasters polished up and gleaming and make sure you have enough page protectors for the sheet music.

And remember, we could have used this technology for something good. Thankfully, we opted for something great.
-bill kenny

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