Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lovin' the Large Vowel

Today's the day Thelma and Louise take in The Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts. Again, this year, The Gimp will be accompanying them because, heck, I helped get this tradition started, I love going there, and I'm the one in the family with a car. And judging by the number of them that we'll be sitting in traffic with as we edge up to, and slowly through, Springfield and park on side lawn of St. Mary's church, just like we do every year, every person in the Northern quadrant of the Western Hemisphere will be there. I hope they don't run out of cream puffs.

The Big E is a large county fair, with an amusement park. Oh, and amazing eats. Yes, then it's a large county fair, an amusement park, with great food. And individual New England State Exposition Halls (the Connecticut Hall has more insurance agents than all of North Dakota; of course, Massachusetts has hot and cold running Sam Adams) jammed with local delicacies and curiosities. So, to review, The Big E is a county fair, an amusement park, an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord, with history and attractions. And about four hundred Home Shows on Steroids going on at the same time. Did I mention the concerts? From the top..... amongst----

Kidding aside, The Big E is so large you can see it from your house. Seriously. (Click on that link at 2 this afternoon and the person waving you'll see is me. Unless I forget or aren't there yet. It's the thought that counts anyway.) For the last couple of years as my original equipment knees creaked, I lagged farther and farther behind until by last year, I had my own little foldable camping chair that I slung over my shoulder as we went from the World's Tallest Horse (who really is) to the world's smelliest cows, not that this is how they're advertised.

Not this year. I've got me one of those super TKR, without the Ginsu attachments, still under warranty and am raring to see what this baby can do. Our weather is supposed to be nice, like you need a certain kind of sky to gorge on deep-fried Oreos (I'm NOT making this stuff up-besides most of it I just watch other people eat as I certainly can't have it). Or why not try an Elephant's Ear? Turns out, we're going on Vermont Day, which may mean all the Ben and Jerry's we can eat, but very possibly not.

My wife, daughter and I go early and stay late and still never manage to see it all and every year we vow to do better the following year. And every year we come back and try again. Yeah. It's been a pretty crappy year in spots so far for a lot of people (if you think Sarah Palin had a rough year, check her brother, Michael) and the forecast, at a lot of levels, is for not so many smiles for the months ahead. So if you can, it runs through next Saturday, channel Vanna White and when you buy a vowel, make it a Big E.
-bill kenny

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