Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meals on Wheels

It's not exactly like a Savoy Truffle, but it's certainly not your typical fast food occurrence. Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

Date line: Buffalo, New York famed for Buffalo Hot Wings (DISCLAIMER: I have NO idea if this is where hot wings come from. I live in the moment not the research library). The time: late Sunday evening. The crime: rolling through a stop sign. Buffalo police put the hammer down on Gary
Korkuc of Cheektowaga (I was especially taken with "Committed Government" even if I'm not sure what that means) and ended up rescuing Navarro, a four year old cat they found in Gary's car trunk, 'marinating in oil and peppers.'

Now, I know if you're like me, after reading the story at least twice, or checking out
this version which is practically identical, your first question is 'what did the reporter leave out?' For instance, was Gary entertaining and if so, how many (avoid asking who)? What size cat would Gary need to be the host with the most?

Do you serve a warm appetizer or do you go with something more traditional like a green salad? As for side dishes, too many questions and probably not enough room in the trunk to hold all the choices. What would a
sommelier suggest for wines? Red, White, Chardonnay? Foreign, Domestic? Sounds to me like Mad Dog 20-20, but only because Stones Green Ginger Wine scares the Bathsheba out of me (though that didn't stop Lydia W and me from drinking it like water when we were very much younger).

And finally, of course, does Rachel Ray have recipes for the leftovers and some
Tupperware containers she can loan that she doesn't ever want back?

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