Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seasons Change with the Scenery

Wasn't it last week we were looking forward to the Fourth of July holiday? This time next week, with Labor Day in the rear view mirror, summer 2010 is over?! Where's Teeny Tom (Tiny Tim's alter ego, the one who wants it to be Christmas all the year through), page him to whatever color courtesy phone is nearest the nice weather. I'm not a big foul weather fan--to be honest, the only place I like ice is in my sparkling adult beverage.

So another summer has come and gone-for those who've lived through the winter of our discontent, I'm hoping we have an Indian Summer and then a lovely fall that mysteriously and miraculously blends effortlessly into a beautiful New England spring. What's that you say? Winter. Sorry, I can't hear you and there's no point in speaking up or repeating yourself; I still can't hear you. I understand the restorative powers and the role each of the seasons play-I don't choose to enjoy winter. Ever since I didn't get that new sled for Nikolaus Tag a couple of years ago, I'm over it.

Truth to tell, considering the speed with which this summer passed and the number of us who had fervent hopes but few plans for what we were to do with it, perhaps what I should learn is to enjoy the days while they are here. Anticipation is great (and perfect on burgers) but savoring the flavor of the moment, while in the moment may be something us old people who think we're not should cultivate and not try so hard to avoid.

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