Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lord Protect Me from Your Followers

I'd like to live in a world where no one knows/knew what/who the Westboro Baptist Church is/was. We're not there yet, and we probably never will be. I'm not sure I've ever cited CSPAN before (I watch them enough I can tell you that) but I am today as they have on their website the audio from the opening arguments of the Westboro (Church) versus Snyder (Family) case.

If you need a quick refresher, or like me, just want to get angry all over again at these folks, the Westboro Baptist Church has made headlines showing up at the funerals of those in the military who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan with placards insisting the deaths are the result of American society's tolerance of homosexuals and are God's punishments. Uncap a television camera and these sanctimonious simple $hits will be there faster than you can say freedom of religion. And that, as it happens, may be what keeps their hateful and hate-filled asses and souls from going bankrupt.

They've been dancing with Albert Snyder, whose son, Matthew, died in Iraq in 2006 for quite some time, and now the case has made its way to the Supreme Court. The case has Constitutional scholars as worked up as they probably ever get because of the guarantees we, as a nation, enjoy (and promise) under the founding documents of our democracy. That said, I'd like to see one of the Supremes, double click here, and take off the robe and get very Old Testament on these folks. (I'm especially fond of the running total of "people whom God has cast into hell since you loaded this Page." Quite the eye-opener, let me tell you.)

There are too many times having despaired of the faith in which I was raised, I've rejected any and all assertions of Divine Province, and yet I capitalize references to God proving some habits are harder to break than others. These people have set back the Lord, in whatever mysterious way S/He so chooses to work, many years. Based on an examination of their website and a review of the news clips, I think they would be perfectly happy with the theocracy the Taliban have envisioned.

I think I know where they should be transported to start bonding with their new flock. I do, however, have two questions: do you think they speak Spanish and ¿El mono anaranjado hace sus asnos mirada grande?
-bill kenny

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