Friday, November 19, 2010

Grizzly Adams Would've Feasted for Days

Not sure if the Crystal Ship is being filled, but if it is, soon to be former- Governor Charlie Crist isn't traveling in stowage. Yeah, if Chuck has his way, on December 9th, a State of Florida parole board will grant The Lizard King a pardon for exposure (maybe) conviction on stage in Miami in 1969.

If he's waiting for me to pardon him for penning 'no time to wallow in the mire' that'll happen over my dead bo--well, never mind that. Regards to Pam, btw. Gotta admit, enjoyed a lot of Doors' music but never held them in the regard so many others had for them, which is why variety is the spice of life. Maybe if the pardon goes through, the next step is working on that being buried in Paris thing, though I've read a lot of men have been buried in Paris. C'est Chaud.

Of course, there's things worse than being a dead, unpardoned, Jim Morrison. You could be Harvey Westmoreland, though it's easy to imagine why you'd rather not be. I'm trying to figure out if Jackie Congedo lost a bar bet or if the Lex 18 Big Story Bar in Lexington, Kentucky, needs to be recalibrated. Seriously? Harvey and his brother being forced to eat their beards is the Big Story?

Were you surprised to learn folks getting their drunk on was part of this story or, like me (Jersey raised and purple hazed), did you think ZZ Top were holding open face auditions? I do take comfort from knowing more than one TV station covered this story (the story was probably too big for just one station) but I'm having trouble following the narrative twist where a twenty dollar lawnmower is sold for $250. However, I do admire the clarity of 'he thought I was trying to cheat him.'

We're going bankrupt, sending the flower of a generation to bleed among the poppies in Hindu Kush, have almost 10% of our population unemployed but let's keep our eye on the ball: Harvey's beard is growing back just fine. If Edward R. Murrow calls, do him a favor and hang up.
-bill kenny

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