Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After Honoring the Sacrifice....

Not sure how unhappy anyone is when the work week gets shortened, but I hope your Memorial Day was a good one and that you had an opportunity to think about the reason for the day as well as enjoy any of the activities normally associated with it.

All levels of government were closed on Monday and get back into the swing of things starting today though for the rest of the week around here on the municipal meeting front, Erich Remarque comes to mind, almost.

Tomorrow there's a regular meeting of the Norwich Public Schools Building Committee at 5:30 in the Central Office Conference Room in the main office. You may have seen the article on the Adult Ed graduation in the (new) Jacqueline Owens Auditorium of Kelly Middle School, so it sounds like the committee's work is starting to wind down as the renovations and expansion enters the home lap.

Speaking of home lap, the Sachem Fund Board meets at six in Room 335 of City Hall. I was surprised to see by their agenda that no decisions on granting funding will occur Wednesday. Those decisions will happen, I assume, at the next meeting since this one is a special meeting (as all of their meetings are) and only those items on the agenda can be undertaken.

I don't know whether Mickey or Alana, in my mind two of the more memorable presentations at the May meeting, have funding, but we'll find out soon enough. I saw a many requests at the May meeting heavy on wishes and even more so on wallets deserving of support with so few dollars to go around. I do not envy the board their decision.

Thursday at 5:30 in the Marina (maybe at the restaurant? Or perhaps channeling Otis) it's a regular meeting of the Downtown Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ). Real soon, updating the membership, as it appears on the city's website, will be one of the actions taken by the newly reconstituted board of the NRZ. You read it here first, almost.

At seven in the Planning Department's conference room at 23 Union Street, it's a regular meeting of the Inlands, Wetlands, Water Courses and Conservation Commission. Judging from the minutes, and their length, of the May meeting, if you're planning on attending, be on time or you'll miss everything.

Speaking of everything, or nearly, how about a trip into the past without leaving the harbor of Norwich? Ayup, starting Friday and running through the following Thursday (June 3 to 9) it's a chance to see Christopher Columbus Replica ships, the Pinta and Nina landing in Norwich.

Avast, ye scupperheads, or pirate talk like that there, be prepared for boarding parties at a pretty reasonable price for all the days the ships are here. I think just having the earring and parrot concessions would make you a pretty penny and if your girlfriend's name is Peg, well, shiver me timbers. Now that we've answered the most pressing of questions, as Dylan, once noted, it's time for my boot heels to be wandering. See you at something?

-bill kenny

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