Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Yellow Book Wins by Default

I think all of us have, or did have at one time, a copy of The Bible-after the Harry Potter and Twilight Saga novels, the most popular book in the history of the world. That comparison is a little unfair since The Bible has been around a whole LOT longer than the Chronicles of Hogwarts and any comparison of the battle between God and the Devil and that of Jacob and Edward always results in the latter two getting their asses kicked.

Now, if a CNN blog is to believed and who wouldn't want to do that, right?, maybe the New Testament is an Ashton Kutcher production in terms of veracity and honesty. I'm talking about Punk'd of course and you're thinking I meant his union with Demi Moore. Pardon me prevert-my blog is up here, bub; thanks.

I still remember enough from my catechism classes to get a little bit weirded at the contention that more than half the fulfillment of the Old Testament is bogus. I mean, if that's God's will, I'm not going to criticize Her/Him. I mean, look at what happened to Jesus-and He was a relative. I'm thinking about Stake Your Claim and that's never a good sign. I'll bet Michael Moorcock is none too happy at this new book.

Yeah, I know. Why not? Could it be true--yes, I guess; or no, of course not. How come the more we know the less we're sure about? I'd be a lot better off with two forms of ID and I'll tell you now, that prayer card you're offering me looks a little hinky. Can't say I recognize that face in that picture that you keep. It's too high, it's too wide. You're so low, you don't know to get through, you go around.
-bill kenny

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