Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'll Look at the Graveyard while I'm in the Shower

They were founded before the last century was the last century and not only were part of history in the Capital of the World, but made some just about every day for six decades plus. Their all time All-Star roster rivals that of anyone, anywhere in professional baseball. Period.

They probably broke my Mom's heart and definitely those of every Borough Baseball fan when they hightailed their carpetbagger asses not only out of town but across the entire country. Some broken hearts never mend and a lot of those hearts still bleed but not Tommy's blue because that was the West Coast color.

Monday, long after Walter and the brood were gone, the current owner whom Major League Baseball contended had used the team as his private piggy bank in a contentious divorce, finally came up for air. He's got the right name, considering where he's been spending so much of his time and where he's gonna be for a long time to come. You can dodge streetcars; process servers and bankruptcy proceedings are something else entirely.

It was a lifetime ago, more than that for many, when the cold truth that sports is a business and no one can afford to have it as a passion was jammed home and hard to the those who lived for the (other) Lords of Flatbush. Turns out we always knew what they were but we couldn't agree on a price. Problem solved.

And for those who spent decades wondering whatever happened to the Brooklyn Dodgers and whatever happened to all the New York gentlemen? And I say son, you're looking at one. I wonder if they thought payback would feel better.
-bill kenny

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