Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Smile as an Umbrella

It happens every summer in the parts of New England that aren't actually parts of any part of New England. When we think of Massachusetts we think of Patti Page and Old Cape Cod, but for an hour's worth of your drive out to the Cape, it looks more odd than Cod.

Same for Southeastern Connecticut. People think Mystic (curse you Julia Roberts and those great cheek bones!) and other touristy locales but a lot more of the area is mythic and pathetic and quite a distance from having any mystical qualities at all.

I think the rain cycle has caught up with me and cast me down a bit. We get this weather system every June. It rains like the dickens every day for hours, then it stops, and the clouds part and the sun comes out and then it starts all over again. Like the Itsy Bitsy Spider has been left in charge and found the keys to the liquor cabinet.

I become morose when the skies darken and stay that way even when they change as they did as I was walking to the gym (the same folks who want me to call noodles pAHsta want me to tell you I go to a fitness center; but I don't.) yesterday morning.

I've started to get a lot better at looking and seeing (physical and cognitive functions together) small strokes and nuances instead of looking at the big picture and struggling for meaning. Something Harry J taught me in video editing some twenty five years ago, 'watch the whole frame,' has uses beyond the box but I suspect he knew that and just wanted to start small. "Know your audience" was another thing he used to say, usually when talking to me. I have a sneaky feeling he was laughing up his sleeve when he said it.

When I looked overhead, I smiled myself.  It was early and maybe nobody else saw the brightness in the day before it was overtaken by the clouds that had chased it across the heavens, but I had seen it. And I knew, proof positive yet again that all things must pass. But in so doing leave a little bit of themselves for all to enjoy. 
-bill kenny

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