Friday, September 7, 2012

Diagonal Parking in a Parallel Universe

This week at my work we have been replacing computers. Battalions of techies and sweepers (their names, the ones I have for them make my mom cry) have been scouring our campus, gathering up our old Dell machines and replacing them with shiny new Hewlett Packard boxes.

I remember when Gateway was the flavor of the month-all those off white monitors and processors. They grow up so fast, don't they? And then it was the midnight black of Dell and we transitioned from boat anchor shaped monitors to sleek display panels. I never found them to make the simply awful things in the world that popped up on them to be any better, but they were way cool.

And now, it's Hewlett Packard whom I recall for multi-functional fractal calculators when our kids were in school-or was that Texas Instruments and are they different or the same. Who knows and, unasked is its companion question to which we all already know the answer obviating the entire exchange.

We are getting Windows 7 instead of the XP Pro we now have that no one liked when it first showed up but now we all love and are reluctant and unhappy to abandon, as if we have a choice. He who abandons a sinking ship that doesn't sink needs to be a strong swimmer, especially in this current.

What has happened since last Thursday afternoon is that I don't have a computer at work (because something so awful happened to my new computer no one had the heart to tell me or the person supervising the replacement process). I hate when we play keep away with information, but we like to do so and not just with new shiny toys but with everyday objects, all of which are usually closer than they appear in your passenger mirror.

I'm not a big fan of change and this change has (so far) given me lots of reasons to not be a big fan. But perhaps by the dawn's early light today, it'll all make glorious sense. Or not. The sun also rises. Turn and face the strange and embrace the change.
-bill kenny

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