Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Major Vowel Movement

Yesterday morning the remnants of the crummy Tuesday weather when we had gusts of wind clocking in at speeds topping 45 mph and tornado sightings (claimed at least) across most of the state were still around when I got up at a quarter to eight.

I was playing hooky in a matter of speaking taking a day of vacation for a family outing that had all four of us together and headed north for a bit more than an hour and our annual pilgrimage to The Eastern States Exposition, better known as The Big "E" (hence the title of today's verbal meanderings).

We enjoy being in one another's company (not something as commonplace as you might suppose) or my spouse and progeny are remarkable actors and actresses and the miles whizzed by practically unnoticed. That tip from my colleague at work about buying a surplus police cruiser and a flashing red light really paid dividends because we made great time.

And by the time we arrived in West Springfield on the Agawam side I think (I'm full of carp-I actually have no idea which side, I never do) the weather had improved at least 300 bajillion percent with gorgeous skies, light breezes and delightful temperatures in the middle seventies. And, as luck would have it, yesterday was Connecticut Day!!!!

I have NO idea what the deal was supposed to be-around my house everyday is Connecticut Day (admittedly without the exclamation marks) so we're sort of used to it, but as someone who was born elsewhere and who is often as happy to be living in The Nutmeg State as its long-time residents are to have me, thanks for the sentiment.

We had a wonderful time, as you can see for yourself here (I hope), but we saved enough so if you wanted to go and have some fun of your own, you could easily do so. There are whole parts of The Big E we didn't go anywhere near, like the circus or all the rides and there are far too many food places to count, much less sample, and every kind of delicacy to enjoy if by delicacy we can agree on deep fried ice cream (I have no idea how that works), fried Oreos (delicious I am assured), and chocolate covered bacon.

And don't forget the cream puffs-whatever you do. This is after all, New England, and if we didn't have cream puffs, how could we ever continue to believe Bill Belichick was a pigskin genius?
-bill kenny  

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