Monday, September 10, 2012

The Revenge of James and Robert

I embarrassed myself yesterday by getting a tune stuck in my head to which I knew all (or as nearly all as my advancing years would allow) the words and about which I still had no idea on the meaning. I don't think either Bugs or I are in danger of winning this year's The Voice competition. Though, I must also point out, neither is Eminem (or less kindly, especially Eminem).  

I never knew what the song meant-learning it as a child (I hate when people say 'as a small child' thanks for the visual, like I needed it), I found keeping track of all the words hard enough work without attempting to decipher the lyrics and their meaning. And when I found this in answer to my wondering and while wandering the web, I'm hoping maybe it's another five decades or more until I next sing it. Maybe you, too.

It's like being downstairs in Upstairs, Downstairs-better and cooler parts but a tad creepier and definitely more disquieting. And speaking of Britons, both Great and otherwise, while I was spelunking for meaning yesterday I checked out Bob's Your Uncle. Yikes! I'll bet Walter Becker is thrilled we didn't opt for  Robert's Your Father's Brother. Would have turned a reggae into a maranga.  
-bill kenny

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