Monday, December 3, 2012

Anarchy Under the Sleeves

I'm not sure how much less attention it's possible to pay sometimes than whatever it is I pay whenever it is I do it. On a good day I am close to oblivious to both the kooky and the spooky that is part of our everyday lives thus, that both the morbid and the mundane elude my notice shouldn't be that much of a stretch.

I made a discovery yesterday that if it doesn't make me King of the Obvious at least elevates me to the medal round. My deodorant has a name; not just a brand which I actually did know and tend to buy for the most part (I go for shape if we're being honest and their container has always had the same shape, I think), but the aroma/color has a specific name.

If pressed, I'd have told you (before yesterday) 'blue' when asked; now I know it's 'Anarchy.' In much the same way as I don't know why a Miata is called that or how we came up with Screaming Yellow Zonkers, I have no clue as to why the folks who make the deodorant think anarchy is the name to sell it.

As I remembered going to the store a couple of weeks ago and getting a two-fer on a new pack of it, I went to double-check the name and learned I blew it. The double-stuff sitting on a shelf in the little room under the stairs that we call (surprise!) 'the little room' is the same color of 'Anarchy' and seemingly the same fragrance but is called 'Phoenix' and purports to be  '24 hour deodorant stick' though it wears no watch.

Not that you've asked, but it's my opinion that the folks making this stuff have way too much time and money at their disposal since their website is more complex than a Gilbert & Sullivan theatrical offering but with a dearth of snappy toe-tapping tunes. The costs of dry cleaning alone for the costumes in The Pirates of Penzance must be staggering, though considering their product I would hope not too high (I originally typed that as 'Prats;' awkward if not Freudian).

It's sort of like the guys I work with who periodically overdose on PowerPoint and obsess about including an animated slide that flies in from left to right on the screen (other way when we're talking to folks from Asian cultures and countries) to tell me that Six is Greater than Three. I knew that but I guess somethings you just can't know often or good enough. I'm looking forward to the pop-quiz; already have my own answers.
-bill kenny      

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