Saturday, December 1, 2012


There are instances where I celebrate large events-my Yankees winning the World Series or John Boehner's tanning lamp breaking but today is more of a quiet riot and doesn't actually involve you unless today is (also) your birthday or you know someone, or of someone, whose birthday today (also) is.

My sister, Evan Dolores, has a birthday today. My sister, 'the boss of the dog,' has a husband and children and grands as well (I'm not sure why I lose sight of that) and will, I hope observe the completion of the earth's annual orbit round the sun in a manner best suited and most pleasing to herself.

If you stop in here on  regular or irregular basis (you might want to see a doctor about that irregularity, by the way and add fiber) and are wondering where this is going, zu spat! Erbarme sich! As I already told you, it's my sister's birthday and I hope she has a  wonderful time. And I probably hope you do, too, but you're not  kith and kin so if you don't, you don't.

I remember a ridiculously long time ago giving someone a lift to see these guys back when they were absolutely amazing and, for the most part, still got along. Unless you remember the name of the other passenger in the car with us, roll the window back up and move along. Nothing to read here.
-bill kenny

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