Monday, December 31, 2012

Blink of an Eye

I hope whatever plans you have for the turning of the page this evening from 2012 to 2013 are festive and filled with fun (and are mostly indoors if you're in a clime such as mine where we have some snow with which to contend).

I don't make resolutions but if you do, I found one that you might consider making your 'plus one' (I heard someone the other day refer to the person with whom they are in a relationship in that manner. Such an arse). Though in my opinion, if I were the resolution making (and keeping) type, this would in all likelihood be the one I place on the top of my list with all the others below it.

One of the things I wound up doing this year if not all that frightening (at least intentionally) was taking a lot of photographs. I don't own a  real camera but, rather, use the one in my Android, so I end up with large volumes of accidental imagery that only on occasion surrounds a picture I was attempting to take. More often than I 'd like to admit, I come home with pictures that, even after repeated viewings, I cannot tell you what the object originally was.

I grab most of them while out walking in that herk-a-jerk manner I have at a pace of better than four miles per hour as I continue to work the 10,000 step daily regimen, averaging closer to 14,000. That I walk so much doesn't bother people nearly as much as that I never seem to leave.

I post a lot of my pictures to a facebook page I've made about where I live (no, not Bedlam; where I live not where I should live), Celebrating Norwich Connecticut and it has become another, but different, safe haven for some of the demons in my head though not necessarily any of the ones who incite and inspire me to exercise in this outlet.

I've been able to keep the two paths separate, though not equal, so perhaps I could strive in 2013 to be more mindful, if not actually interested, in some of the fellow-travelers with whom I share the globe and the city in which I live. But that's for tomorrow and bright beginnings. A world in white gets underway.

-bill kenny    

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