Monday, November 7, 2016

Bienvenue Was Too Hard to Spell?

Emperor Caligula is purported to have made his horse Incitatus, a Consul of the Roman Empire so why couldn't or shouldn't (Russian) President Vladimir Putin (twitter handle #vladtheimpaler) make Steven Seagal a Russian citizen. And you had cringed, fearful that I was going to write something about a horse's backside. You were correct to have cringed. But wait! I'm a fan.

At least of  the work of Mr. Seagal, whose cinematic glory days are long past, I fear. But I loved Under Siege and Half Past Dead. There are devotees of Hard to Kill  though I watched that a lot for Kelly Le Brock, the Lady in Red, more than for Steve-O.  And who doesn't love Out for Justice or The Glimmer Man?

Okay, so they're all kinda the same movie but they have wonderful endings: the bad guys lose and Steven, or Geno or whatever his name in the movie is, walk off woodenly into the sun and no brain cells were harmed in the writing of the movies. A few crayons, perhaps, but brain cells? Nope.

As long as Chuck Norris is still a Texas Ranger, I figure we're still better than even money favorites at home or on the road unless we're playing in the Crimea or the Ukraine.

-bill kenny

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