Thursday, November 10, 2016

Priorities and Problems

Now that we have the National Distraction Election in the rear-view mirror we can go back to doing stuff like we were before we almost woke one another up before Taco Tuesday or whatever it was that we were observing (well, in a way it was Taco Tuesday for one candidate while for the other Angry Old White is the new black).

I mean it's been weeks since the Internet wanted to know if the dress that was just posted was blue or green or gold (I forgot the original question! Thanks, Obama! Damm, won't be able to use that line much longer, eh?) and I don't know about you but if I didn't have a stockpile of pictures of kittens dealing meth to small ponies with pug puppies on their backs, I'd be lost.

But it's okay, we're back to our new normal (so consumed by ourselves and with ourselves, we can barely move) and it rocks! Yeah, there's all kinds of refugees bobbing around in the Mediterranean even as I type this, but we've convinced ourselves we can't do anything about that.

Around the globe, the sound of things coming apart, from Syria and Iraq to the Sudan to South Korea has become just so much pink noise. Besides, that's all happening in the Big World and too many of us have a lousy track record when it comes to interacting in the Big World. But, here's a story, we can really sink our teeth into. Literally.

If a First World Problem is something on the order of the charger cord for my cell phone is so short, I have to put the phone on the floor beside the nightstand to recharge it or the hotel salad bar is all out of fat-free ranch dressing, what exactly is the hullaballoo about the spacing between the chocolate mountain peaks of the Toblerone bar?

And people wonder why dope rhymes with cope.
Thanks, Obama! (probably the final time)
-bill kenny

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