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Friday, January 25, 2013

Beware! Low Hanging Fruit

As a child I had an imaginary friend named Marty. We did almost everything together except play catch and practice our trapeze act. He disappeared when I was nine when the kid down the street, Bobby, moved with his family to Ohio. I've always wondered but never really known....

As an adult I decided to embrace what Edgar Allen Poe called "The Imp of the Perverse." I call him my evil twin, Skippy. Eight out of ten people who know me say they prefer him to me. The other two think I'm his evil twin. I often wish he'd move to Ohio.

That brings us to the subject of Manti Te'O. Nah, too easy.
-bill kenny


Mike Byrnes said...

Marty moved to New Mexico and he's bugging the hell out of me. He says he needs a ride to Norwich, Ct to look up an old friend. Can you send a few bucks for bus fare?

dweeb said...

Tell him to walk east until his hat floats, ;-)

Mike Byrnes said...

OK he's on his way. He's the one in a frayed old ball cap just like yours, but he sewed a red and white plastic bait bobber to the top. That's so you can locate him when he gets there.