Thursday, January 24, 2013

Better Late than Never

Despite the technology and connectivity, the convergence if you will, where one device can talk to others in ways unimagined scant months before, there are times I can't help but think I walk around with my eyes and ears closed.

I suspect it's more the fault of my mind and heart when something surprises me, for good or for not so much, when if only I'd have had some knowledge. Too soon old, too late smart say the Amish (at least the ones not in the Mafia).

My latest 'if only' is courtesy of someone on a social media platform, Google+, whom I shall never meet. So close are we (not), within seconds of clicking the link that brought me the next installment of amazement, I had no recollection as to who the person was. One platform has me doing thumbs-up and another has me with plus-up. Because I'm such a world-class screw-up, I can't keep them straight. You should be so lucky.

Luckily in this case, it makes no difference. The artist is Lee Ru-Ma but his fans, and he has swarms of them, know him as Yiruma. Much of his music, it seems, doesn't have lyrics. Based on my encounter yesterday, with this one, he doesn't need any. Glad I made his acquaintance before the days got any later.
-bill kenny

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