Friday, January 11, 2013

Had Employee of the Week in my Sights

I showed up on time, fully-dressed at my job every day this week. Do not sit there staring at your screen saying 'so what!' because for me to pull off this feat every day for five days is in itself a second tier miracle.

As I've aged, both my resolve and focus have tended to take days off more often than the rest of me. Sunny days of any kind are the hardest struggle and while I pride myself on still coming into work there's no joy around here when I do as I often seem to be elsewhere though rarely where everyone else so devoutly wishes me to be.

But as I said, five days in a row at the start of the new year (after being off for the three weeks prior, I forgot to factor that into the nomination package), I figured would make me a stone cert for Employee of the Week and I was already clearing a space on my "I Love Me" wall to put up the plaque and planned on wearing my best shirt for the newsletter photo accepting the award.

Then this guy from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, shows up, sort of. That reserved parking space nearest the loading dock was mine.
-bill kenny

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