Saturday, June 12, 2010


I said goodbye late yesterday afternoon to TV People-not bipeds with monitors where their heads should be, but, rather, broadcast production specialists interested enough in what the people I work for are all about that they're making a series of television feature reports on it. I'm practically in show-biz, except for the old, dull-witted and ugly parts, I could be on the road to a new career.

Instead I was waving farewell yesterday to people whose engagement and enthusiasm for what we do is integral to the engagement and enthusiasm they bring to what they do. It was relaxing and somewhat invigorating to see yourself through someone else's eyes-as they marveled at actions you've long since accepted as accustomed. Everyday miracles is the phrase I've heard used to describe the sensation.

Anytime I'm in a doctor's office or a hospital I ask the person who's prepping me for The Main Event why they've chosen the particular avocation they have that has, through a twisting trail, brought us together in this given examination room and their stories never fail to amaze (and sometimes also) amuse me while also rekindling their own excitement about their choices.

Same thing with these TV visitors. The more amazed they were at meeting the people in the doing part of the getting-things-done portion of the rodeo, the more amazed by it all they were.
And the people they encountered were fascinated by their fascination of what they were about. It was almost the infinity of mirrors of trick from back in the days when we had barber shops, not unisex styling salons, with mirrors on both walls so a customer could see the back of his own head and see himself while seeing himself see himself, ad infinitum.

For a few hours after they had departed, I encountered people they had met (and others whom they had not met) who smiled when they spoke about them because they had obviously enjoyed the attention our guests had given them and who shrugged with more good nature than they've shown in recent weeks as they rose to return 'to the grind' once again. At least for a while longer, we didn't mind the grind-as a matter of fact, we found the grind grand.
-bill kenny

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