Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Can Back Out of Every Deal Except One

The greatest thing about the man-made deity we have created from the various technologies of the last decade is that anyone can be a nubile nineteen year old wearing nothing more than a smile, even if the reality is they are a forty-five year old sitting at the keyboard wearing nothing but socks.

Not that either of us know anyone who could be that person, right? When this bubbled up the other day, it took me forever to get the gist of the Gemini, and then, even after I got it, I didn't (I hope).

I'm so past it, I thought there was a third Hilton sister, aside from what's-her-name and the other one (and I'm still NOT sure there isn't). I am gob-smacked you can make a living, and it seems a mighty good one, shoveling this stuff all over the web, and never get any on you.

I wouldn't know Miley Cyrus from Cyrus Vance though I suspect had the latter gone commando, we would be talking a lot more about putting the bottom back into Foggy Bottom than has been the case in a number of years (I told him to at least lick his lips for the photo, but no....)

Reality check (please): I went to Google and typed in Miley Cyrus and no underpants. Yipes! Look at the results and the nanoseconds involved in that. Is this one of those laboring greatly and bringing forth a mouse situations? All I can wonder, again, is, just because we can, we should??

We're using so much wildlife to soak up oil throughout the Gulf of Mexico, some of us are wondering if the Dove dish soap people worked a cross promotional deal with BP. And if they did, do we seriously think they'd come clean about it? (OUCH! No puns aloud? Sorry.)

And what's got the Netizens buzzing as the wheels fall off the applecart? Underage unmentionables and the purported absence thereof. Can you imagine how much faster the Roman Empire would have fallen had the Visigoths invented Wi-Fi instead of a credit card?
Edward 'Pinwheel' Gibbon is spinning in his grave (explains today's title).
-bill kenny

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