Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Day of Miracles and Wonder

Often we go through life missing and mourning what we don't have instead of celebrating that which we do. We live in an age where the miraculous has been often reduced to the mundane and where amazing is perceived as commonplace.

Not all of us can enjoy all this amazement all the time. Javon Oates has learned a great deal about advances in medical science in the course of his life-but his life has been only a little longer than a year so perhaps you've already guessed Javon has challenges.

Actually what Javon has is Pfeiffer Syndrome, Type II, a genetic condition resulting in a premature fusion of certain bones of the skull that prevents further growth of the skull affecting the shape of the head and face. Pfeiffer Syndrome occurs about once in every 100,000 births

Javon has already had nearly two dozen separate operations and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at the University of North Carolina Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill. His mom, Dawn, is from Norwich but she and her family have recently relocated to North Carolina. Because of his hospitalization, Javon's family are facing hard times with a long road ahead of all of them.

Shem Adams, and Shirely Briones, the owners of Phillys, A Taste of Philadelphia, at 32 Sherman Street, concede they can't do everything but know they can do something. And today is the day you can, too. From the opening at 11 AM until closing tonight at 7, today is Javon's Day at Phillys. All of today's profits will be donated to Dawn. You can help out on line, too, by going to and making a donation.

Having an authentic Philly Cheese Steak, Ivo, Kobe, Stilt, Doctor, or Broad Street Bully (it's a Philadelphia thing, you wouldn't understand) will not only make your stomach smile because they're just that delicious but will also be helping out a family in need.

Phillys has been a phriend to Norwich neighbors since it first opened in July, helping celebrate a Cheez-Whiz covered conclusion to a successful 2011 season by the Norwich Free Academy football team this past fall and if you can't come to them, place your order at 860.912.1057 and they'll come to you.

Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, and, Phillys, its embassy here in The Rose City is doing what it can, courtesy of some mad grill skills, to spread smiles as wide and deep as the dipping sauce on the pizza fries. Today, help Javon but help yourself to some extra napkins-because it you're not getting messy while eating one of these sandwiches, you're just not doing it right.
-bill kenny        

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