Monday, July 23, 2012

Grammatical Bacteria

On this side of the pond, and in news outlets across the globe, this has been the weekend to examine every facet of Aurora, Colorado, to include the ones that aren't real or aren't really important. This is one of my favorite pieces in the rush and crush of words thrown against the walls of newsrooms in the hopes that some would stick and a few might even make a difference. See if you agree.

There's a sense of loss in all of it and there should be even more. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the murderous rampage in Norway that still beggars belief and buggers comprehension. It's not enough to say 'those who do these things are crazy.' Of course they are-they are malevolent, malignant malefactors who must somehow, genetically or environmentally, have wandered down an evolutionary blind alley from which  there is no escape.

What can the rest of us spirits in the material world hope to do confronted by so much hate and so much evil? We can remember what pioneers did more than a half century ago when confronted with hate-filled hearts of stone and are still doing today, or more exactly, did yesterday evening on stage in Oslo and tomorrow, one can only hope, 'the whole wide world around, someday.'
-bill kenny  

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