Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Couldn't Wait 'til Monday

I was already at work yesterday, and had been for quite some time, when the first of the CNN news updates popped up on my computer about the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Like you I am still struggling to process what happened and how it happened and to hope someday I'll work my way to and through the why of it all. I'm not there yet.

Not everyone else is plodding along at such a petty pace. I have no words for this guy except he's not alone and that's the part that frightens me because I never underestimate stupidity especially in a groups. I do love his conclusion-what was needed to stop the gun was more guns. Swap your drive-by solutions for rubber bullets, or better yet, how about a bazooka for all the oxygen you're breathing? Seems like a win-win to me right about now, Congressman (how proud your constituents must be)..

I think, however, he's on to something about God, not that you'd know it by me. But if you know any prayers and you think they help, today might be a good day to to use them. Pray for those murdered, for those wounded, for those who are still working to help and to heal them and pray for our nation because it feels a lot darker today than it did yesterday. And meaner. Everywhere life is coming apart and looking like absolutely nothing any of us recognize and at the same time like a little bit of everything.
-bill kenny  

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