Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not Even the Birds Are Free

Show of hands, or appendages used as hands (wait for it; it'll almost be worth it). How many assume governments lie on a routine if not daily basis? My government, your government, the one across the world-any government, all of them. Yeah. Me. too.

From the same people who perfected using 60 ton tracked vehicles as crowd control devices, comes the somewhat ham-handed stage management of the "suicide"  of just about the last person in the People's Republc of China who would take his own life, Li Wangyang.

Mr Wangyang took exception to how his government chose to respond to his country's nascent democracy movement in 1989 and spent the subsequent next two decades incarcerated for his impertinence. He chose, after being released earlier this summer, to take his own life say the people who caged him for twenty years.

They are starting to become upset that so many complete strangers around the world who never met him doubt the manner of his death. They checked this out carefully, I'm sure, leaving no tern unstoned before arriving at the pre-ordained conclusion.

It's hard work keeping a strange face while blaming the victim for his own death, akin to wondering why did God lose six million Jews?
-bill kenny

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